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任何一次苹果大会上,乔布斯从头至尾都不是在兜售产品 而是推销一种体验!他天赋异禀,却也有不为人知的秘密:每一次完美的演示的背后都有无数次的练习与预演。乔布斯把每一次演讲都当成“产品”去打造,去创新。赋予了演讲一个震撼的开场,一个高潮迭起的过程,和一个令人流连的尾声。


Anyone who is watched the Steve Job’s keynote, will tell you, he is one of the most extraordinary speakers and cooperators in America.

但凡看过Steve Jobs的主题演讲的人都觉得,他是全美最棒的演说家,最了不起的合作伙伴。

-Who does the best job of that in the world?


Well, most presenter simply convey information, Jobs inspires.


I'm Camine Gallo. And today I'll walk you to several key techniques that Steve Jobs uses to electrify his audience, the relevants you can adopt for your very next presentation.


-Welcome to Mac world2008. We got some great stuffs for you.


-There's clearly something in the air today.


With those words Jobs open Mac Pro 2008, setting the theme for his presentation and hitting the major announcement of the day by launching the ultra thin Mac book air. Whether it'sthe notebook or the Iphone, Jobs unveils a single headline that set the theme.

乔布斯开场的寥寥几句就揭示了大会主题营造出了Mac book air的发布氛围。不管是发布Mac book还是iPhone 乔布斯只用简单的一句话就点明了主题——

-Today Apple is goingto reinvents the phone.


Once you identify a theme, make sure it’s clear and consistent throughout the presentation. Think of a staff meeting as a presentation. So let's say your sales manager introducing a new software tool that helps your team generate track and share sales leads. You might kick off a meeting this way: Good Morning! Thanks for coming. I know you'll be really excited about this. Today we'll make it easier for you to make a quota. That's the headline: easier to make a quota. It's memorable, and it sets the direction for the rest of the meeting. It gives your audience a reason to listen.


-I got four things I'd like to talk about with you today. So let's get started. Steve Jobs always provides an outline for his presentation and then verbally opens and closes each section with clear transition and between. Here's an example.


-So that's time capsule, a perfect companion to leopard.

-这就是Time Capsule,完美的系统伴侣。

-And that's the first thing I wanna share with you this morning.


The point is, make it easy for your listeners to follow your story. Your outline will serves as guide post along the way. You also know that during his presentation Jobs uses words like "extraordinary", "amazing" and "cool". He is passionate, enthusiastic and it shows.


-Incredible,unbelievable, awesome, extraordinary year for Apple.


You know your audience wants to be wowed, not put to sleep. Too many people fall into this presentation mode, its stiff, its formal, it lacks possess. We, your listeners will give you a permission to have fun and be excited about your company, your product during your service.


If you are not passionate about it, we are not going to be. Remember, Jobs isn’t selling hardware. He's selling an experience. If you offer numbers and statistics, make them meaningful.


-We have sold 4 million Iphones to date.

-迄今为止,我们一共售出了4百万部iPhone 。

-We divide 4 million by200 days, that's 20,000 Iphones every day on average.


Numbers don't mean much, unless it plays in context. Managers, connect the dots for your listeners. Recently I worked with a company that launched 12 Gigabyte memorycard, 12 Gigabytes. That number doesn’t mean much to most people. So we put it in the contest. We said that's the enough memory to listen to your music while traveling to the moon and back. Now, 12 Gigabytes, mean something to me. Make numbers meaningful.


One of the most effective elements of Steve Jobs's presentation is that they are easy on the eyes. His presentations are visual and simple.


Well, most speakers fill their slides, with = =| data, texts and charts, Jobs does just the opposite. He uses very little text, and usually one, maybe two images for his slide.


You see you want to paint a picture for your audience, without overwhelming them. Inspiring presentations are short on bullet points and big on visuals. If you really want your presentations to pop, treat it like a show, when ads flows, themes and transitions. Jobs includes video clips, demonstrations and guests, he also has a natural for dramatic flare. It’s very effective. For example we are introducing the MacBook Air, Jobs drew chairs by opening a manila inter office envelope, holding the laptop for everyone to see.

在合适的时刻展现合适的内容,而不是连篇累牍、铺天盖地砸向听众。好的演讲通常只列出简明扼要的观点,其他的全是演示。想要演讲得出类拔萃,就把它当作一场"达人秀":各种广告、各种主题、各种变幻...乔布斯就用到了视频剪辑、样品展示、客串嘉宾...有时还会来个出其不意。别说,倒还真挺见效。比如在发布Mac Book Air时,他打开一个大信封,默默抽出了这个新款笔记本电脑,观众们瞬间石化了。

-This is the new, MacBook Air, you can get a feel for how thin it is.

-这就是最新款Mac Book Air, 知道它有多薄了吧。


What is the one memorable moment of your presentation? Identify your memorable moment and build up to it. -...Climax of the show -...our friends and everyone in the worldtoday.


And finally, rehearse,rehearse, and rehearse some more.


-Let me show you how easy that is now.


Steve Jobs makes it look easy because he spends hours rehearsing. He cannot pull off an intro presentation with a video clips and demonstrations and outside speakers without practice. The result of presentation that is perfect synchronized and looks,yes effortless. Now the average business first does not have a resource to create a Steve jobs's extraordinary ganza. But you do have time to rehearse.The greatest presenters do it, so should you.


Oh, and one more thing.At the end of most presentations, Jobs add to the drama by saying “and one more thing…”

哦,还有一点。通常在演讲的结尾 Jobs会加上一句最后一项...

-One last thing… He gonna adds a new product, or feature, sometimes just introduces a band.


It's not only the highest excitement, it also leaves your audience feel they been given an added bonus. The point is Steve Jobs approaches each presentation as an invent. Aproduction with strong opening, product demonstrations in the middle and strong conclusion. And then yes, even a anchor, that 'one more thing…'. I wish you a dazzling presentation.


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